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Post-op Instructions

Shoulder Brace Instructional Video
This video shows step by step instructions for the proper initial fitting of the Bledsoe Arc 2.0 Brace to the patient.   
The ARC 2.0, now features 2.0 Material for maximum breathability and patient comfort.  

Click here for Shoulder Brace Instructional Handout

Polar Care Cold Therapy Application
The Polar Care Therapy System is simple to use.  The compact design makes it
great for clinic, hospital, and home use. With the addition of ice and water, 
patients will enjoy 6-8 hours of effortless cold therapy. 

Jetstream Cold Therapy Unit Instructional Video
The DeRoyal T700 JetStream Hot/Cold Therapy Unit is designed with Patented ATC™ that measures and regulates temperature to provide therapeutic hot or cold therapy without manual adjustment. The intuitive LED light lets the user know when in therapeutic zone and when to add ice or hot water. This conveniently portable system is suitable for any medical setting or treatment at home. DeRoyal’s T700 JetStream Hot/Cold Therapy Unit is lightweight with a low-profile design and includes a Quick Start Guide that is patient friendly. This provides Both Hot and Cold Therapy in one unit. DeRoyal Therapy Blankets optimize temperature distribution, insulation and comfort. The Blanket Wraps increase insulation and ensure precise placement of blankets.

Click here for cold therapy unit instructions